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Knwoing Federal Acquisition Regulation

The Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) is the principal set of rules in the Federal Acquisition Regulation System. The system consists of sets of regulations issued by departments and agencies of the federal government of the United States to govern what is called the "acquisition process"; through to which the government purchases ("acquires") goods and services. Consists of three phases: 

  • Need recognition and acquisition planning, 
  • Contract formation, and 
  • Contract administration.

§ FAR Purpose §

The purpose of the FAR is to provide "uniform policies and procedures for acquisition. Among its guiding principles is to have an acquisition system that satisfies customer's needs in terms of cost, quality, and timeliness; minimize administrative operating costs; conduct business with integrity, fairness, and openness; and fulfill other public policy. 

FAR Applicability Participating Agencies

The FAR is the primary regulation for use by all Federal executive agencies in their acquisition of supplies and services with appropriated funds.

Issued March 2005 By The: Department Of Defense. General Services Administration. National Aeronautics And Space Administration.


 AFARS Conduct to EFARS (et seq.)

Popular "FAR(s)"

-- Code of Federal Regulations - Title 48 - Federal Acquisition Regulations System --

-- FAR Part 1 Federal Acquisition Regulations System --
FAR Subpart 1.4 Deviations from the FAR, FAR Subpart 1.6 Career Development, Contracting Authority, and Responsibilities
-- FAR Part 2 Definitions Of Words And Terms --
FAR Subpart 2.2 Definitions Clause
-- FAR Part 3 Improper Business Practices And Personal Conflicts Of Interest --
FAR Subpart 3.6 Contracts with Government Employees or Organizations Owned or Controlled by Them, FAR Subpart 3.11 Preventing Personal Conflicts of Interest for Contractor Employees Performing Acquisition Functions
-- FAR Part 6 Competition Requirements --
FAR Subpart 6.1 Full and Open Competition, FAR Subpart 6.2 Full and Open Competition After Exclusion of Sources
-- FAR Part 8 Required Sources Of Supplies And Services --
FAR Subpart 8.6 Acquisition from Federal Prison Industries, Inc., FAR Subpart 8.7 Acquisition from Nonprofit Agencies Employing People Who Are Blind or Severely Disabled
-- FAR Part 9 Contractor Qualifications --
FAR Subpart 9.5 Organizational and Consultant Conflicts of Interest, FAR Subpart 9.6 Contractor Team Arrangements
-- FAR Part 10 Market Research --
-- FAR Part 15 Contracting By Negotiation --
FAR Subpart 15.2 Solicitation and Receipt of Proposals and Information, FAR Subpart 15.4 Contract Pricing, FAR Subpart 15.5 Preaward, Award, and Postaward Notifications, Protests, and Mistakes
-- FAR Part 16 Types Of Contracts --
FAR Subpart 16.2 Fixed-Price Contracts
-- FAR Part 19 Small Business Programs --
FAR Subpart 19.1 Size Standards, FAR Subpart 19.5 Set-Asides for Small Business, FAR Subpart 19.6 Certificates of Competency and Determinations of Responsibility, FAR Subpart 19.7 The Small Business Subcontracting Program, FAR Subpart 19.8 Contracting with the Small Business Administration (The 8(a) Program)
-- FAR Part 22 Application Of Labor Laws To Government Acquisitions --
FAR Subpart 22.3 Contract Work Hours and Safety Standards Act, FAR Subpart 22.8 Equal Employment Opportunity, FAR Subpart 22.10 Service Contract Labor Standards, FAR Subpart 22.11 Professional Employee Compensation, FAR Subpart 22.19 Establishing a Minimum Wage for Contractors
-- FAR Part 25 Foreign Acquisition --
FAR Subpart 25.1 Buy American—Supplies, FAR Subpart 25.3 Contracts Performed Outside the United States, FAR Subpart 25.4 Trade Agreements, FAR Subpart 25.7 Prohibited Sources, FAR Subpart 25.10 Additional Foreign Acquisition Regulations
-- FAR Part 27 Patents, Data, And Copyrights --
FAR Subpart 27.2 Patents and Copyrights, FAR Subpart 27.3 Patent Rights under Government Contracts
-- FAR Part 32 Contract Financing --
FAR Subpart 32.2 Commercial Item Purchase Financing, FAR Subpart 32.7 Contract Funding, FAR Subpart 32.9 Prompt Payment,
FAR Subpart 32.11 Electronic Funds Transfer
-- FAR Part 36 Construction And Architect-Engineer Contracts --
FAR Subpart 36.3 Two-Phase Design-Build Selection Procedures, FAR Subpart 36.5 Contract Clauses, FAR Subpart 36.6 Architect-Engineer Services
-- FAR Part 37 Service Contracting --
FAR Subpart 37.4 Nonpersonal Health Care Services, FAR Subpart 37.5 Management Oversight of Service Contracts, FAR Subpart 37.6 Performance-Based Acquisition
-- FAR Part 38 Federal Supply Schedule Contracting --
FAR Subpart 38.1 Federal Supply Schedule Program
-- FAR Part 42 Contract Administration And Audit Services --
FAR Subpart 42.1 Contract Audit Services, FAR Subpart 42.7 Indirect Cost Rates, FAR Subpart 42.8 Disallowance of Costs, FAR Subpart 42.15 Contractor Performance Information, FAR Subpart 42.16 Small Business Contract Administration
-- FAR Part 46 Quality Assurance --
FAR Subpart 46.2 Contract Quality Requirements, FAR Subpart 46.4 Government Contract Quality Assurance
-- FAR Part 47 Transportation --
FAR Subpart 47.2 Contracts for Transportation or for Transportation-Related Services, FAR Subpart 47.3 Transportation in Supply Contracts
-- FAR Part 49 Termination Of Contracts --
FAR Subpart 49.2 Additional Principles for Fixed-Price Contracts Terminated for Convenience
FAR Subpart 49.5 Contract Termination Clauses

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"In accordance with FAR Subpart 19.7 The Small Business Subcontracting Program". 

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 "In compliance with FAR Part 9 Contractor Qualifications - FAR Part 12 Acquisition Of Commercial Items  - FAR Part 13 Simplified Acquisition Procedures - FAR Part 15 Contracting By Negotiation - FAR Part 16 Types Of Contracts - FAR Part 36 Construction and Architect-Engineer Contracts - FAR Part 46 Quality Assurance (et seq.)"


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