* Fundamental Application
We obtain all the necessary documentations from you about your personal and company and process it so that it will get a preferable & impartial review by the officers of SBA.
* Resign of the Two Year regulation
If your company does not meet the SBA's two-year-in-business regulation that we capable assist you obtain a waiver to the rule.
* Socialized Disadvantage Narratives
We can services this completed narrative application documentations to you. If you are not a member of one of the named socialized disadvantaged groups but interesting of applying for the 8(a) Program, we can assist you show the "majority of the facts" for the socialized disadvantage narrative section of the application.
* CCR Registration & SBA Annual Review
We can services you to be registered with the Central Contractor Registration (CCR)This registration is a prerequisite to submitting your 8(a) certification to doing business with any governmental agency. We also services your SBA Annual review its critical requestment or any consequential review from SBA office.
* Review & Annual Review
If you complete process of the application by yourself and you would like us to examine on submission to the SBA, we will review it and provide you with a particularized commentary. We Also service and updated your SBA annual critical review application whether your business situation under 8(A) develop or transition program in each year.
* 8(a) Business Plan
We services you in progress and developing the business plan required from the SBA subsequent to your company is approved to participate in the 8(a) Program.
* Marketing
We can services you in marketing to federal agencies and departments make certain that you are meeting and are directed to the appropriate officials responsible for contract acquisitions.
* Joint Adventure or Mentor/Protégé Agreements
We can services planning of you to preparing Joint Adventure or Mentor/Protégé Agreements as required by the SBA.
GSA Schedule /Proposal Services
Our extensive experience working with contracting officers has given us the knowledge and skills to help push your modification through the process more quickly than you would be able to do on your own.
We can apply our expertise to your unique situation, advise you on the process, collect your information, and get started on your modification right away.

As the proficient in GSA contracts, we have many years of experience working with GSA contracting officers and have dealt with all types of GSA issues.
* Other Services
(HUBZone Services, We can help you in obtaining your HUBZone certification.)
(Representation before the SBA, We express represent your concerns or issues before the SBA.)
(Assistance in Obtaining Security Clearance)We will assist you in obtaining your federal security clearances when it necessary required from your involved contract.

Mentor-protégé Programs Application and Other Significant Documents

A mentor-protégé program is an arrangement in which mentors — businesses, typically experienced prime contractors—provide technical, managerial, and other business development assistance to eligible small businesses, or protégés. In return, the programs provide incentives for mentorparticipation, such as credit toward subcontracting goals, additional evaluation points toward the awarding of contracts, an annual award to the mentor providing the most effective developmental support to a protégé, and in some cases, cost reimbursement.
SBA Applications
Two Professional Stage Services
Applications Professional Services I
Applications Professional Services II
We also services you in prearrange any supplemental documentations to sustain the individual's socialized disadvantage.
Applications Professional Services I Details
Applications Professional Services II
We are pleased to services you with all documentations on the application process for certification in the 8(a) Business Development Program. We will conduct a conference interview with the principal applicant to certain that personal qualified to be certified in the SBA program.

A Company Fully Implements Performance Life Cycle Logistics In Life Cycle Management Work with Federal Contracts


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