DoD issued a technical amendment to make the following changes:

New Qualifying Country-Estonia (DFARS Case 2017-D001) Amends the DFARS to add Estonia as a qualifying country.
 Competition for Religious-Related Services Contracts (DFARS Case 2016-D015 Proposes to revise the DFARS to implement section 898 of the NDAA for FY 2016. Section 898 requires that DoD not preclude a nonprofit organization from competing for a contract for religious-related services on a United States military installation. The rule directs contracting officers not to use the sole source authorities at FAR 6.302-5(b)(4) through (7).
Procedures for Debt Deferment (DFARS PGI Case 2013-P007) Removes from DFARS PGI the requirement for contracting offices to forward deferment requests to the Director of Defense Procurement and Acquisition Policy for a decision on granting the deferment.
December 22, 2016, DoD made the following changes to the DFARS:
DFARS DPN 20161222 Affected parts/subparts/sections:

A Company Fully Implements Performance Life Cycle Logistics In Life Cycle Management Work with Federal Contracts


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