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OGM is teaming up with performance RFP contracts, the consult- leader in Federal Government RFP solicitation procedures and technical proposal services. We assisted companies performance all RFP contracting and help you sustain a comprehensive system of Federal government contracts, Pre-solicitation and RFP's, We assist you by customary. You might want to take a conversation to see how's our effective service can save your business period on services government contracting opportunities. 

The ObOe Galaxy Management is always bringing an exciting new feature to the 20th Anniversary Celebration of the teaming to knowing Federal business strategy and market planning. A Significant Company for Your Federal Business.                

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Your Way To Success

OGM professionals built a comprehensive survey of Federal definite business division, but also advisor resolved A/E, IDIQ, MATCO, IT, GSA Schedule, Construction and related products technologies, regulations and disciplines in a roomy Federal business marketing sector. Federal marketing industry rely on an in depth knowledge and valid experienced to decide a determination of marketing dispute. 

OGM works with our clients to prevent risk of losing an appropriate preference in Federal business marketing opportunity within new administration technologies, cost-productive and trouble-free project from start to the end.

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Professional Federal Contracting Services 

  • OGM Services All Phase Federal Contracting Services Non (8) A Wide Open Programs (Large Business) or 8 (A) Program Start With Source Sought Solicitations.
  • OGM Services All Phase of Federal Building & Facility Maintenance Services, A/E Design/Bid/Build, Construction Relative with Property Management Services. GSA Schedule, IT, Global Manufacture, Federal Marketing Plan & Development Services; But Not Limit To:
  • ***Source Sought *** Pre-solicitation ***Solicitation*** Joint Adventure to Mentor/Protégé Agreements, IDC, IDIQ, GSA, MATCO, DoD, Coefficient and RFP Contract, Bases Facility Engineering Consultant Services Contracts U.S. Manufacture Production Federal Marketng, GSA Schedule and IT Sales.

OGM WBE/DBE/SBE Certifications: 


At 2015 Specialties

Joint A Large Team-Member Ready to Aiming at 2015 Federal Wide-Open Business.

"In accordance with FAR Subpart 19.7 The Small Business Subcontracting Program". 

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Deign-Bid-Build, IDIQ, MATCO, Property Facility Managements and Maintenance Contract, RFP Contracts. 

 "In compliance with Brooks Act (PL 92-582) - FAR Part 9 Contractor Qualifications - FAR Part 36 Construction and Architect-Engineer Contracts - FAR Part 46 Quality Assurance (et seq.)"


Precise Scientific Proposal Documents


Technology, Design, Cost  and High Quality Manner in compliance with Law.

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Company Overview

A Fully Federal Contract Solution Company, 

Always Delivery The Best In High-Value Services.

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