Doing Business with the Department of Defense (DoD) International (clikc here to view details)
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Ready to Aiming at 2014 Federal Wide-Open Business.
"In accordance with FAR Subpart 19.7 The Small Business Subcontracting Program".
Design, Deign-Bid-Build, Design-Build IDIQ, MATCO, Property Facility Managements and Maintenance Contract, RFP Contracts.
"In complaince with Brooks Act (PL 92-582) - FAR Part 9 Contractor Qualifications - FAR Part 36 Construction and Architect-Engineer Contracts".
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DoD Int. Business
: Increase construction fabrication, manufacture sales, A/E design and revenue in the face of inflexible opponent.
: Discover the keys to dealing with an uncertain marketing competitor.
: Build up productive of federal business perception and incorporate them into your present business.
: Improve on Federal business processes, skills, and insights associated with Federal business development.
: Identify the keys to stronger business development Federal clientís relationships.
: Explore the components of delivering and communicating remarkable value to Federal Gov. Agencies.
: Succeeded in getting the Federal negotiated business through targeted a profit purpose.
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FAR Current Effectived Version Fac 2005-76, 25 Jul 2014
U.S. Major Departments Regulation/Supplements
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