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Ready to Aiming at 2014 Federal Wide-Open Business.
"In accordance with FAR Subpart 19.7 The Small Business Subcontracting Program".
Knwoing Federal Acquisition Regulation
The Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) is the principal set of rules in the Federal Acquisition Regulation System. The system consists of sets of regulations issued by departments and agencies of the federal government of the United States to govern what is called the "acquisition process"; through to which the government purchases ("acquires") goods and services.
Consists of three phases: (1) need recognition and acquisition planning, (2) contract formation, and (3) contract administration.
FAR Purpose
The purpose of the FAR is to provide "uniform policies and procedures for acquisition. Among its guiding principles is to have an acquisition system that satisfies customer's needs in terms of cost, quality, and timeliness; minimize administrative operating costs; conduct business with integrity, fairness, and openness; and fulfill other public policy objectives.
Design, Deign-Bid-Build, Design-Build IDIQ, MATCO, Property Facility Managements and Maintenance Contract, RFP Contracts.
"In complaince with Brooks Act (PL 92-582) - FAR Part 9 Contractor Qualifications - FAR Part 36 Construction and Architect-Engineer Contracts".
FAR Current Effectived Version Fac 2005-74, 01 Jul 2014
IV. Contractor Comment Period, Past Performance Evaluations.
V. Defense Base Act.
(FAR) Federal Contract Management
FEDERAL SERVICES (Proposal Development)
FAR Part 6 - Competition Requirements
FAR Part - 7 Acquisition Planning
FAR Part 8 - Required Sources Of Supplies And Services
FAR Part 9 - Contractor Qualifications
FAR Part 15 - Contracting By Negotiation
FAR Part 18 - Emergency Acquisitions
FAR Part 25 - Foreign Acquisition
FAR Part 26 - Other Socioeconomic Programs
FAR Part 36 - Construction And Architect-Engineer Contracts
FAR Part37 - Service Contracting
FAR Part 38 - Federal Supply Schedule Contracting
FAR Part 41 - Acquisition Of Utility Services
FAR Part 44 - Subcontracting Policies And Procedures
FAR Part 46 - Quality Assurance
FAR Part 52 - Solicitation Provisions And Contract Clauses
Meet the significant principle requirements of the Federal Acquisition Regulation. Build a trust with federal government contracting officers and develop entirely covered qualifications to meets the adequate definition of the Federal Acquisition Regulation.

OGM creating and structuring a competitive technical proposal can quickly become an overwhelming task, unless you have access to experienced professional leaders in marketing to the Federal Government.

You will not "cross the finish line" in the Federal space without having the ability to develop a compliant technical proposal.

OGM has developed hundreds of such proposals, and has established itself as a recognized industry expert in developing the technical proposals required for prime contractors and subs, helping them win awards in multiple industries.

OGM specializes in understanding the best business practices, protocols and processes that each Government Agency follows, which allows OGM to develop the compliant and winning proposals, demanded by its clients.
A/E Contract Award Management
In accordance with Brooks Architect-Engineer Act (Public Law 92-582 as amended; TITLE 40-Public Buildings, Property And Works, Subchapter Vi-Selection Of Architects And Engineers, et seq.) Compliance required by Engineer Federal Acquisition Regulation Supplement (UAI/EFARS) 36.601-3 (S-101) and its Successor Policies as cited in A-E Selection Criteria, and; conducted Approval of Selections.
ACASS is an automated database of A-E qualifications, performance evaluations and contract awards. It isa DoD-wide system that ismanaged by the Contractor Appraisal Information Center (CAIC) at the Portland District 2 of the Corps of Engineers.
ACASS is primarily used by DoD agencies, but various civilian Federal agencies also use the system.
: Increase construction fabrication, manufacture sales, A/E design and revenue in the face of inflexible opponent.
: Discover the keys to dealing with an uncertain marketing competitor.
: Build up productive of federal business perception and incorporate them into your present business.
: Improve on Federal business processes, skills, and insights associated with Federal business development.
: Identify the keys to stronger business development Federal client’s relationships.
: Explore the components of delivering and communicating remarkable value to Federal Gov. Agencies.
: Succeeded in getting the Federal negotiated business through targeted a profit purpose.
Five Consolidate Assignments to Assist You Drive Federal Business Exploit
I. Reach of Effective Federal Business Development Practices
II. Polishing Federal Business Development Operations and Competence
III. Construct Relationships with Federal Government Clients
IV. Consigning Remarkable Value and Service to Your Federal Clients
V. Building Up Probability in Your Federal Business Development Accession
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